Ralph Scofield (1925-2012)

Ralph was born on February 26th, 1925, in Margo, Saskatchewan. He first joined the Algonquin Regiment Reserve Army and then  volunteered for the Royal Canadian Air Force when he was 18 years of age. He was posted in Germany, Holland, France, and England.

After the war, he worked at the Paymaster and Big Dome goldmines in the Porcupine area. He moved to Windsor in 1950 and worked at General Motors for 5 years in production. After attending an electronics school in Detroit, Michigan, he was hired by Chrysler as an electrician. He worked with Chrsyler for 28 years and retired in 1982. He later joined the Métis Nation of Ontario in 1997 and was appointed Senator of the Windsor/Essex Métis Council by President Tony Belcourt. In addition, he was part of the National Métis Veterans Association serving on the Board of Commitees, member of the Air Force Club of Windsor, Can-Am Indian Friendship Centre, and the NDP Aboriginal Commission. Most of all, he is a very proud Métis member of the elders of the National Aboriginal Health Organization. Ralph passed away in November 2nd, 2012.