Eric Cross (1925-2019)

Born in England on August 12, 1925, Eric Cross was raised most of his life in Windsor. At 17 years of age, Cross was evaluated for pilot training and was sent to Ottawa for trade re-selection. Although he received high marks for navigation, which led to his interview with a flight lieutenant, he insisted that he would become an air gunner instead of a navigator. In those days, navigators and pilots were the ones that got the commissions.

As an airgunner, Cross mustered on Summerside, Prince Edward Island, finished his course, and became a course rep. He had the choice of graduating as an instructor or a sergeant. He figured an instructor would get a commission, but chose the latter. Cross was sent to Milford, Ontario, where he and other troops gathered POWs from batches and busloads every week and made sure they were well-fed and cared for. He eventually boarded the Cynthia, a Canadian War Bride ship, to Windsor in 1946. After the war, he went to Windsor rehab school and got employed at Ford's. He passed away on July 18, 2019.