Take a Glimpse into the Eyes of History

Featuring Canadian veterans John White, Mike Akpata, Tom Abrash, Paul Laforet, Earl Scofield, Larry Costello, Eric Cross, Frank Palmer, Stan Scislowki, Ted Antaya, and Glen Dibbley

This educational documentary features a group of veterans who served from World War II to the Afghanistan War and recount their personal experiences in hopes that their personal stories can touch Canada's next generations.

Our documentary "Take a Glimpse into the Eyes of History" includes references to World War II and the Afghanistan War, such as witnessing German U-boats sinking Canadian ships in the St. Lawrence Seaway during WWII. Understanding war from the eyes of soldiers who were there is the essence of this documentary. It brings life to Canada's military history from the eyes of the soldiers who were there. Students learn that their freedom came at a price; thousands of Veterans' lives, thousands of disabilities and thousands of broken families were all part of the cost for their freedom.

Teachers' reactions to the documentary

Extended trailer of "Take a Glimpse into the Eyes of History"