George Fox (1924-)

Born in Jul. 12, 1924, George Fox was a Windsor veteran who served in the Canadian Army and the Royal Canadian Armoured Corps. He decided to join the military because two of his best friends were recruited compulsorily for military service. Although he was only 17 years of age at the time of enlistment, he would nearly turn 18 in nearly two months.

While his father was a World War I clerk in the Essex Scottish Regiment as part of the Canadian Army, he never discussed his role in the war. George’s parents were only supportive in his decision to join the Army. After being trained as a dispatch rider in motorcycles, he was sent to fight in Italy, where he received second-degree burns on his face and hands. Through witnessing the events that took place and informed by other soldiers during the Milford River, he observed that 17 tanks were destroyed and the Italians had lost over a hundred of their men against the Hitler line (a German defensive line which was ordered to defend at all costs).