Jesse Caba (1923-2005)

Born in Poland on Oct. 18th, 1923, Jesse J. Caba came to Canada in 1929. When he turned 18 years old, he also was encouraged by how everyone at the time was joining the military. Only one family member joined the military as well: his brother Joseph Caba joined the Royal Winnipeg Rifles, an infantry regiment of the Canadian Forces Primary Reserve.


Jesse Caba served in the Essex Scottish Regiment, an infantry regiment of the Canadian Army, as a signaller. He landed and fought in Normandy, France, as well as Europe during WWII. From his role, he did not engage in combat, as he was behind the lines, he witnessed many comrades-in-arms being loaded into trucks that are loading in France.


He served from Dec. 7, 1941 to Feb. 11, 1946 in Europe. After the war ended, he went back to Canada sometime between Nov. to Dec. 1945. He became a taxi driver and started working on a small farm as a hobby.