Cast of staff members and visitors at the Southern Ontario Military Muster

Gathering of veterans and civilians before the Korean War Memorial

Members of the North Wall Riders Association awaiting for the start of the Korean War Memorial at the Riverside Dr. W. in Windsor, Ontario

The Chimczuk Museum showcases the history and cultural artefacts of Windsor in exhibits including the A-Z Wall and the Chimczuk Museum Concourse.

Windsor Veterans Memorial Services Committee is a local organization dedicated to providing memorial services and erecting war memorials for Canadian veterans.

Originally established by Joe Brown and Clarence Forster, and as part of their volunteering contributions, they provided caskets and burial plots for the disadvantaged veterans. As the organization grew larger, the name was eventually changed to the Windsor Veterans Memorial Services Committee.

Founded in 2006 by Dan Hayes and Jim Bechard, the North Wall Riders Association consists of a group of motorcycle riders who are dedicated to helping military veterans.

From time to time, the North Wall Riders Association shows support to the military legions and brings awareness to the fact that freedom is not free and many veterans have fought so that we may live our lives freely.

The Southern Ontario Military Muster (SOMM) is a non-profit organization that helps to preserve, honour, perpetuate, and educate about veterans. They host their annual veterans event with historical displays and military-related booths.