Priscilla Conolly (1923-2012)

Priscilla Connolly was born in 1923 and lived in London when the war started. She has quite vivid memories of the London Blitz and the fear that struck when she was in the subway during one of the daily raids.

When she was 17 years old, she joined the Royal Air Force Women's Auxillary Air Force as a plotter, so her tasks would be to plan the course for bombing runs and to watch each plane on a radar during missions.

During the war, she was promoted to Flight Commander. This role gave her more responsibility over a small number of aircraft, usually between three to six at a time.

Shortly after the war, she was married to Sean, a British Royal Merchant Marine Radio Officer. In 1955, they moved to Canada. Connolly took pride in sharing her stories of the war to the youth, and became active in charitable organizations.


She was widowed in 1974 and in that same year she became a member of the Royal Canadian Legion Branch 594 where she would start her mission of keeping memories of veterans alive for future generations.